Forever A Lady Always A Gentleman Inc. is a Tax Exempt family oriented enrichment center, dedicated to providing quality Services to all Families. We are a 501C3 Organization committed to educating and empowering all youth thereby strengthening families, transforming communities and cultivating for a brighter Future to all.

Boy-Girl PicForever A Lady, Always A Gentleman Inc

Forever A Lady, Always A Gentleman Etiquette Academy is dedicated to impacting the lives of young males and females, ages 8 to 18. Our organization enables boys and girls to develop and enhance the quality of their lives and become architects of their future. Proper technology etiquette, employability skills training , financial literacy and social skills including but not limited to dining etiquette are a few areas we target. We are committed to empowering our youth, thereby strengthening families, transforming communities, in hopes of building a brighter future for all participants.

We engage educational Field trips with the kids, we have back to school giveaways, backpacks , pencils, pens, uniforms, college scholarships, health labs, food drives to help the needy.

This organization also teaches proper communication etiquette, public speaking, home economic skills i.e. Ironing, sewing, cooking etc. We take pride in making a positive impact and imparting Skills to last a lifetime.

Forever A Lady Chronicles:

So why not be Amazingly fierce and achieving your peak. In the midst of your journey stay true to yourself and Be Unique. Be strong enough to take on the world, humble enough to enjoy it’s endless beauty, and wise enough to keep God first. Your thoughts can be the paint on your canvas that becomes a beautiful masterpiece for the world to see. Show your ambition, stay motivated , and continue to strive towards greatness!

Lady and Gentleman Chronicles-1Always a Gentleman Chronicles:

They say chivalry no longer exists. Some may even say it once was, but now it's dead! But I’ve got great news. Chivalry can be resurrected. Knowing this, there is still hope! Be supportive and encouraging to him. For he is strong and mighty, yet well-mannered and courteous. One of calm demeanor, strong reserved and is an intellectual thinker. Born Leader, ordained by God to be the head of households. The time is now for transition. It’s never to early to mold the mind of the prince, who will one day grow to be the king.

F.L.A.G seeks and embrace the rare jewel within our young ladies and gentlemen, while encouraging them to recognize and celebrate all that they are and what they are becoming! There is a Queen in you! Young Ladies! And there is a King in you! Young Gentleman!